Coupon Lingo Master List!!!

Coupon Lingo Master List !!

Keep a copy of these terms! It’s helps it understand breakdowns when you know the lingoπŸ’―

AC – After coupon. Price of an item after the coupon is deducted.

B1G1 or BOGO – Buy One Get One Free.

B2G1 or B2GO – Buy 2 to get one

BD – Break Down A detailed explanation of the transaction.

Beep – The noise a cash register makes when it does not take the coupon that was scanned.

Blinkie – A coupon that is dispensed from a machine with a flashing light

Cartwheel – Target’s app to download and save!

CAT or Catalina – A coupon that prints from the Catalina machine by the cash register.

Coupon Database or CDB – A database to search for a specific coupon or to find out if there is a coupon for a specific product or brand.
Coupon Data Base

Coupon Policy – The document and guidelines regarding the acceptance of coupons. Each store has a coupon policy. The coupon policy typically includes information about coupon limits, and guidelines.

CRT – Cash Register Tape. Some stores print coupons on the bottom of your receipt.

CS – Customer Service.

CSM – Customer Service Manager

DD – Dead Deal

Double – This is when a store doubles the face value of the coupon.

DND – Do Not Double. You will typically see this written on the coupon itself.

DQ – Digital Coupon.

ECB – Extra care Bucks. Specific to CVS. You can earn ECBs after you purchase certain products.

ETS – Excludes Trial Size.

E-Coupons – Electronic Coupons downloaded to cell phones or Loyalty Card.

EX or Exp – Expiration date.

Filler – Small priced item you use to attach an addition coupon too, or to make your total meet the required amount.

GC – Gift Card.

Hang Tag – A coupon that is found hanging from the product.

Inserts – Coupon booklets found in the Sunday newspaper.

IP or IPQ – Internet Printable Coupon.

IVC – Instant Value Coupon. Walgreens’ store coupons booklet monthly savings books and ads. Found in the front of the store

Loyalty Card – A card you sign up for and use at a specific store. The card usually gives you extra discounts and savings.

Match up – Also called coupon match up. A combination of a coupon with a sale of a particular item.

MIR – Mail-In Rebate.

MFR or MQ – Manufacturer’s Coupon.

MM or Moneymaker – A deal where you end up with money in your pocket – often involves using a cash back rebate in addition to using coupons.

NCB – No cash back.

NED – No expiration date.

NIB – New in box.

NLA – No Longer Available.

NSL or NSR – No size limit/restriction

OOP – Out of Pocket. Refers to what you have to pay out of pocket, Out of pocket before coupons, OOP after all rebates etc.

OOS – Out of Stock.

OTC – Over the Counter. Refers to medicine that is available without a prescription.

OYNO – On Your Next Order. Meaning, you can use the coupon or the discount on your next order.

OYNP – On Your Next Purchase. Similar to OYNO. You can use the coupon or discount on your next purchase.

Overage – When the value of a coupon is more than the purchase price and the store allows overage. Not all stores allow overage, some stores the overage can spill over into another item but cant be redeemed as cash.

P&G or PG – Proctor & Gamble coupon insert.

Peelie / Peelies – A coupon that is attached to the product and can be peeled off and used on your current shopping trip for that product.

PM or Price Match – Matching the price of a item at one store to a lower price at another store.

PQ- Paper Coupon

Q – Coupon.

Rain Check – A written slip of paper that entitles you to buy an item after the sale is over, for that sale price. Get rain checks when stores are out of products, or and match them to other reward offers.

R – Regional coupon. Meaning a coupon or a deal is available only in a specific area or region.

Rebate – Rebates you get paid for making a purchase, in the form of cash, check, gift cards etc.

RMN- Retail Me Not Coupon insert booklet

RR – Register Reward Coupon. Specific to Walgreens. Similar to Catalina coupon. RR prints out from the machine next to the cash register. Counts a MF coupon so must use a filler or if all your items have a coupon already attached to it.

SCO – Self Check Out

SS – Smart Source insert book.

Stacking – Also called Coupon Stacking. Is using a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same product to β€œstack” on the savings.

Store Coupon – Coupon that is specific to a store and can only be used at the store the coupon came from

Tearpad or TP – A pad of coupons that is found on a store shelf or hanging in front of a store shelf.

UPC – The Universal Product Code. Found on the product packaging and is unique for each product.

Wags – Abbreviation for Walgreens

WYB – When You Buy. Example: Final price $2.00 each wyb 3

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. Meaning the deal may be different or not available at all stores and/or location.





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