5/12 Dollar General Penny List

🔥🔥May 12 penny list🔥🔥

⭐Easter Candy
⭐Easter Seasonal
⭐Easter stationery
⭐M&M Caramel Fun Size 3.29oz – UPC 400005206727
⭐A&W SIngles o Go Cream Soda 6 count – 72392327935
⭐Clover Valley Singles To Go Mt Explosion 8 count – 72392311316
⭐Hawaiian Punch Singles To Go Lemon Berry 8 count – 72392319244
⭐Hawaiian Punch Singles To Go Smash 8 count – 72392319282
⭐Crush Singles To Go Bry Punch 6 count – 7239232997
⭐Crush Singles To Go Pineapple 6 count – 72392329946
⭐Crush Singles To Go Strawberry 6 count – 72392329922
⭐Horizon Milk Vanilla 8oz – 742365208454
⭐Armour Vienna Sausage Chicken 4.6oz – 54100179906
⭐Starkist Zesty Lmn Chik Pouch 1 count – 80000517647
⭐Starkist Pouch Albacore 1 count – 80000495228
⭐Clover Valley E0444 Pork BBQ Pulled 9.5oz – 47117097158
⭐southgate Chili w/Beans Original 15oz – 71846922436

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