How To Penny Shop

Penny Shopping has grown so fast among the couponing community! It’s a fun and amazing way to find inexpensive deals on a wide variety of items.

What are Penny Items?

Penny items are item’s that clearance the maximum amount 90% or higher, and are supposed to be removed from the shelves. Dollar General and other companies send out a penny list on Monday’s (almost weekly) to notify staff that these items will no longer be sold in stores and are to be salvaged. The staff is “supposed to” go throughout the store to remove these items from the shelves. Sometimes they miss items or don’t remove them at all making them available for the public to purchase.

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Will the stores sell you penny items?

The answer is YES! The Dollar General Policy states:

“If any penny item is identified by a customer, ALWAYS sell the product to the customer at 1c. If we fail to pull all of the penny product from the floor, it is never appropriate to deny the sale or argue with the customer.”

To make things even more amazing, you can use coupons on penny items as well! Make sure to add items to your cart to apply the overage. Dollar General does not give cash back for coupon overage, but will apply that overage to other items in you cart. Dollar General coupon policy can be found at

What is a NCI store?

An NCI store is what couponers like to call the Dollar General Home Store. They have everything regular Dollar General stores have plus more. NCI stores also have their own penny list. Keep in mind, you can get all of the items on the Dollar General penny list at the NCI store, and it will still be a penny. However, you cannot get items on the NCI store penny list for a penny at the regular Dollar General stores.

Here is a link to find out if there is a Dollar General NCI home store near you.

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The 411 Team

⚠️⚠️Sharing how to do this!⚠️⚠️


Someone broke it down and I couldn’t say it much better myself. I’m still learning too. So I’m passing this on! 😃🛒🙌🏻🛍❤️🙏🏼💯

💥The #1 & Most important rule is- NEVER ask or talk to DG employees about penny items!! Its their job to make sure we don’t find any!‼

💥Download the Dollar General app on your phone. Use it to scan items. If the item is a penny, it will scan on your phone saying $0.01. Take as much as you want right then because once you cash out, you can’t go back & get more. The employees will go clear the rest after they cash you out‼

💥Every Week DG receives a list from corporate telling them which items will be pennied out & to remove them all. This is the list we go by when going penny shopping on Tuesdays🏃‍♀️

💥Scan away!! Check the clearance aisle too & pay attention to what people are posting so that you have an idea of what to look out for (sometimes there are old penny items that can still be found)‼

💥When you get to the register, say the item doesn’t ring up for a penny for whatever reason… Do NOT argue with the cashier. Do NOT say they’re supposed to be a penny because the manager/cashier cant override it to a penny even if they wanted to. If you dont want the items, simply say something like “Oh I’m sorry. I thought that was a different price, so I’m not going to purchase them. Offer to put the items back (it pays to be kind 😉)

💥Penny Shopping is like going on a scavenger hunt. Technically we shouldn’t find any pennies if the employees are doing their jobs. However, things happen & sometimes you will get lucky & find some in your store🤞😊

💥Dollar General policy states that if a customer finds items that are a penny, the employee MUST sell the customer whatever they have in their cart. Then ask the customer where they found them & remove the rest.
💥Save the policy in your phone!

💥Do NOT call corporate if an associate refuses to sell them to you. Instead, fill out the survey (dont mention pennies, just state the employee refused to follow the stores policy & whatever else may have occured) and reach out to the District manager. Calling corporate will get you nowhere & these are penny items, so they’re not exactly going to do much about it‼

💥Penny shopping/finding penny items is not garunteed. Most penny shoppers will tell you the same thing, it’s about the “hunt/thrill”. It’s important to go into this with a positive mind set & know that you may not find any. Some stores don’t care & leave the penny items out, or they didn’t have time to pull them etc. Some stores are on top of their stuff & they pull everything from the sales floor. It’s a hit or miss‼

💥Expect Nothing….that way IF you happen to get lucky & find some pennies, you’re going to be psyched lol.
Penny shopping takes alot of time & patience!! Alot of time & patience. VERY RARELY will you just walk in a DG & find them. That’s what makes it more exciting when you finally do🤩‼

💥There are 2 types of stores. NCI Home stores & regular stores. Home stores are much larger & have a lot more inventory then regular stores. They sometimes have remodels and they penny out tons of their stores inventory. However, those sales do not pertain to all DG’s. Just the ones that are having the sale/being remodelled etc.

💥PLEASE be kind to employees & don’t make a mess while looking for pennies & scanning items. They know what we’re doing when they see us scanning everything. It helps to be kind & get to know your local stores employees 😊‼

💥IF an employee approaches you and asks you if you’re looking for penny items or they insinuate that you are, simply say that you’re looking for clearance and deals for your digital coupons on the app😉

💥Good Luck & Happy Scanning‼


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