Longer Fuller Lashes!!

Magnetic Lashes or Adhesive Lashes?!?
Want to Earn extra money?

This Affiliate company I LUX lashes, has an amazing eye liner you just put on and the lashes automatically attach to it, just like a magnet. Its such a fun and easy way without all the glue and hassle! I personally don’t have a lot of time to add lashes, and have found these not only go on quick, but stay on all day! You can use your every day lashes for work, and all those coupon shopping trips then switch right over to your so longer fuller lashes for a night out! Save time without compromising your beauty or budget! The eye liner adhesive works on any lashes not just the, I Lux brand. The magnetic liner you will need magnetic lashes to attach. Check out these awesome deals, and don’t forget to register to get a coupon code to use towards a purchase. Follow this link to purchase your lashes
Lets see the beautiful lashes!

One more Thing!

If you’re looking for some extra cash, you can sign up as an I Lux lashes Affiliate too! Make Money selling Lashes!


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